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Due to the staggering growth of technology, more and more activities take place online. Things that seemed to be distant future are commonplace for the next generations. Those who understand that and adopt the latest trends will be able to take full advantage of blockchain technology, which is at the heart of the digital revolution.

Tilfinity is a bridge between blockchain technology and the needs of the music industry. We have a technological background and innovative ideas. We know how to implement them, because we have been in the music industry for many years, and we know its needs.

We are also a Polish NFT marketplace. It will allow you to combine your artistic visions into NFTs and place them on the market. They can be of use value, collector's value, or both. You choose. We take care of the entire process - from creation and publication to accounting and building a community around your project.


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Piotr Szulc

Co-founder / CEO

Founder of the Revolume music agency, artist manager with several years of experience, acclaimed music producer, promoter, publisher and ½ of the PRO8L3M duo. By combining art with business, he sets new paths for the music industry. At Tilifinity, he is the Managing Director.

Marcin Kobylecki

Co-founder / Member of the Board

Executive producer and former creative director of Platige Image studio. He created and led a team, which designed and implemented special projects within the Platige Image group. He has carried out a number of gaming projects, dozens of films, and many projects for public, cultural and artistic institutions. At Tilfinity, he is responsible for the creative side of work and production, as well as validating ideas at the development stage.

Jarek Czechowski

Senior Project Manager

Since he’s been a part of the music industry for over 20 years, he knows almost all its aspects - from artistic to business-related. Experienced project manager, promoter and event organiser. He’s recently been focusing on artist management and releasing music records. At Tilfinity, he is the Senior Project Manager. Jarek is responsible for the coordination and development of projects.

Łukasz Plewa

Blockchain Solutions

Experienced IT project manager, specialising in supervising the development of websites, mobile apps and solutions based on blockchain technology. At Tilfinity, he is responsible for the technological development of companies projects.

Kamil Wysocki

Project Manager

Artist manager and executive producer of some of the top Polish urban music albums. DJ and promoter with many years of experience. He is involved in culture on many levels. At Tilfinity, he leads selected artistic projects.


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